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I got into promoting by default really, I was looking after a young band and like most other young bands we got ensnared by the pay-to-play shysters, fortunately we only done it once and got away without losing any money.

Of course this didn't stop other firms offering what seemed like great gigs, so I thought "Stuff this", I'll do it myself and after having lined up quite a few gigs for the band, they split up so this left me with venues to fill and bands to find. The rest, they say is history.


I am ONLY interested in the following genres:

Classic Punk, Garage Punk/Rock, Protopunk, Punk'n'Roll, Post Punk, New Wave, Grunge,

Hard Rock, Blues Rock, Classic Rock, Southern/Swamp Rock, Rock'n'Roll & Alternative Rock.                                                                                                                                                                                            I am not interested in backing tracks, laptops or anything remotely Indie / Pop / Thrash or Grindcore.