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What I Do

Primarily I am The In-House Gig Booker & Promoter At The Birds Nest In Deptford, South East London. I Am Also An External DIY Promoter At Select London Venues As Well As One In Bournemouth. Sometimes I Do Tour Bookings Plus A Bit of A&R.


As A General Rule I Only Put On Gigs On A Friday & Saturday With The Occasional Sunday Early Finish Gig.


However Good Or Popular You Think You Are Is Irrelevant As I Only Put On Acts That I Like, However Big Or Small.


The Birds Nest


Upcoming Gigs Can Be Found HERE

Video Above: BiLE 18/01/20

Photo's Below: A Small Selection Of Still Life

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Speaker 1

The Muffin Heads   13/04/18

Speaker 2

Fallen Lillies   04/05/18

Speaker 3

Go Go Ponies   17/08/19

Speaker 4

HAWXX   22/08/19

Speaker 5

Luna And The Moonhounds   01/11/19

Speaker 6

Zara   01/11/19


Band Photo's

Photo's Of Bands At Other Venues

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All Gigs Are Subject To Cancellation, Postponement And / Or Government Restrictions.

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Gigs At The Birds Nest Can Be Found HERE

Damidge   04/07

Amersham Arms   Doors 4.30pm   SOLD OUT

Charred Hearts   17/09

Hope & Anchor;  Doors 7.30pm   8.00 ADV

The Blunders   23/10

The King Arthur   Doors 7pm   5.00 ADV

Black Tree Vultures   12/11

Anvil Rockbar   Doors 7.30pm   6.50 ADV

Verity White   13/11

Amersham Arms   Doors 3pm   8.00 ADV

Morgellons  20/11

Hope & Anchor   Doors 7.45pm   12.00 ADV

Department S   10/12

Anvil Rockbar   Doors 7.30pm   10.00 ADV

999   11/12

Amersham Arms   Doors 7.30pm   12.50 ADV

Supersuckers   27/03/22

Anvil Rockbar   Doors 5.45pm   18.00 ADV

Supersuckers   28/03/22

The King Arthur   Doors 7.00pm   18.00 ADV

Mamapalooza   29/04/22

Bridgwater, Somerset   40.00 Early Bird ADV


Crowd Photo's

Photo's From The Floor

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  • 32 Deptford Church Street SE8 4RZ

    National Rail: Deptford Station, DLR: Deptford Bridge (5 mins).

    Buses: 47, 53, 177, 225, 453 & N89 (5 mins).

    Parking: Creekside and Reginald Road after 6.30pm (From 1.30pm Sat).


  • 388 New Cross Road SE14 6RT

    National Rail / Overground: New Cross Station (over the road), New Cross Gate Station (5 mins), DLR: Deptford Bridge (5 mins).

    Buses: 53, 177, 225, 453 & N89 (outside) and 21, 136, 171, 172 436, N21, N136 & N171 (5 mins)

    Parking: Amersham Road after 7pm (Mon - Sat, Red Route so beware), Free anytime further up hill.


  • 15 Holdenhurst Road Bournemouth BH8 8EH

    National Rail: Bournemouth Central Station (5 mins).

    Buses: 2, 3, 4, 4a, 5, 5a, 6, 13, 17, 32, 737 Jetbus, Breezer 50, M1 & N1 (all outside).

    Parking: Holdenhurst Road after 7pm.


  • 207 Upper Street N1 1RL

    National Rail, Victoria Line & Overground: Highbury & Islington Station (5 mins).

    Buses: 4, 19, 30, 38, 43, N19 & N41 (2 minutes).

    Parking: On side roads and Upper Street after 7pm (From 1.30pm Sat for side roads, Upper St is a Red Route so beware).


  • 31-33 Benedict Street Glastonbury BA6 9NB

    No Trains Serve The Area.

    Buses: 29, 75, 77, 376, 376S, 668, 669 & 751 (2 minutes).

    Parking: Limited Space Out Front, Further Parking Just Down Road.



When It Comes To Music & Gigs I Am VERY Particular, So Please Read Before Contacting Me.

I Have A General Rule Of No Gigs In The Area/Region 2/3 Weeks Before & After Mine (There Are Some Exceptions).

Genres Of Music I Like

  • Blues, Classic & Hard Rock
  • Alt, Southern & Garage Rock
  • Proto, Classic & Post Punk
  • Ska Punk, Funk, Reggae & Dub
  • New Wave & Grunge
  • Rock'n'Roll & Rockabilly

I'm NOT Interested In

  • Indie (WTF Is Indie Anyway?)
  • Thrash, Grindcore, Black Metal Etc
  • Chart Music Or Techno zzz
  • Divas & Cash Whores
  • Tribute/Cover Acts (In General)
  • Laptops & Backing Tracks

Things In General

  • I Don't Mind If You're Unknown
  • I Don't Mind You Not Being Local
  • I Don't Mind If It's Your First Gig
  • I Do Expect Professionalism
  • I Do Expect Bands To Help Promote
  • It's Everyone's Gig, Not Just Yours



South East London

Phone Number

07985 314389