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June 30th 2015 @ Proud Camden Alex Cavendish

Gemma Moss     Kevin from Imaginary Dreamers

The Silver Stags     Freddie Moustache and Catsuits

July 22nd 2015 @ The George Tavern Alex Cavendish

Justin from the life and death     Robert J. Hunter

Tropic of Xhao     Rising Without A Kingdom

August 1st 2015 @ T.Chances (London Live & Unsigned) Alex Cavendish

The Amber Bugs     Sugarman Sam and The Voodoo Men

Jelly     King Bomba

August 22nd 2015 @ The Gunners Pub Alex Cavendish

The Silver Stags     Djamel & Hiras from The Blue Carpet Band

February 19th, March 4th, April 9th & May 27th - 29th (Blank Generation) @ T.Chances Gerald Underwood

Dirty Falcon     Rage DC

Phoenix Chroi     Heavy Drapes

The Xtraverts     Underclass UK

Slow Faction    The Blue Carpet Band

16 Guns     Flak

The Blue Carpet Band     Millie Manders

Heavy Drapes     Healthy Junkies

Sarah Pink's Gravediggers     The Phobics

Department S     Phoenix Chroi

Garden Gang     Pig City Angels

Nobelschrott     Spizzenergi

Peter and the Testtube Babies     999

Charlie Harper     The Soapgirls     Hooligan (Dublin)

September 10th 2016 EK Decay @ New Cross Inn Tony Ghirardi (Gutterpunk)

EK Decay   Healthy Junkies

Transmission Control   Terminal Heads

November 12th 2016 The Pukes @ New Cross Inn Tian Zhang

The Outbursts   London Sewage Company

Sonic Angels   The Pukes

The Pukes   The Pukes

December 9th 2016 999 @ New Cross Inn Tian Zhang

Henry & Mickey from Jellly   Morgellons

December 9th 2016 999 @ New Cross Inn Paul Boyling Photography

(most of) The Blue Carpet Band   Nick & Guy 999

March 3rd 2017 The Blue Carpet Band Album Launch @ T.Chances Gerald Underwood

The Kramers   The Kramers

Monkish   Monkish

Witchdoktors   Witchdoktors

Witchdoktors   The Crowd

The Blue Carpet Band   The Blue Carpet Band

March 25th 2017 The Outcasts @ New Cross Inn Gerald Underwood

Underclass UK   Rage DC

The Blue Carpet Band   Heavy Drapes and crowd

Heavy Drapes   The Crowd

The Outcasts   The Outcasts   The Outcasts

April 7th 2017 @ The Sinbin at The Plough and Harrow, Leytonstone Paul Boyling Photography

Inglourious Thunderunts   A Void

The Blue Carpet Band   Djamel of The Blue Carpet Band

May 13th 2017 @ The Birds Nest, Deptford Paul Boyling Photography



July 14th 2017 @ The Birds Nest, Deptford Paul Boyling Photography